Baldachin-Procession lamp of the Virgin of Montserrat

“Vergine seduta con bambino”
14 de February de 2018
Trinity Coronation of Virgin Mary
19 de February de 2018

Ref. 550
Monastery of Montserrat or Central Catalonia. S. XVII.

Height of the sculpture of the mountain – Verge de Montserrat: 30 cm
Height of the procession lantern: 70 cm
Height of the whole set with the support installed: 186 cm

Lamp of candles to carry in procession to the Virgin of Montserrat. Formed by a baldachin of two Solomonic columns with a dome and important wood carving of golden and polychrome woods Virgin of Montserrat, with the characteristic iconography of the 17th century in which not only the Virgin was represented but also the whole mountain.
Mountain sculpture is of extraordinary quality. The Mother of God presides over the center of the composition (lacking a hand and the head of the Child). Around it, the sacred mountain expands with a multitude of sculptural details that make this work an authentic model of how it was and what infrastructure there was at that time. The representation of the monastery, still walled, with its defense towers, the Santa Cova the Viacrucis, the monastery of Santa Cecília, roads and communication steps, the “Foradada”, emblematic trees, eremitic caves, walls and slopes and all hermitages for the ascetic monks represented in their original form, to the point of respecting if any one lacked the roof, make this work a piece not only of great artistic value but also of great historical value.
The lantern – baldachin originally had a long pole that served to be transported by a monk or a parishioner. Currently, only the top part of the pole is preserved and the rest is replaced by a new one that acts as support.

The piece comes from an old Parisian collection. The notion of its origin had been lost, which suggests that the piece could have marched into the French capital during looting the monastery and nearby churches during the Napoleonic invasion of Catalonia.