Political and religious “Hattian” standard

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Prior to 3000 BC, probably 3500 BC.

Height: 27’5 cm
Width: 16’5 cm.

Important cooper standard from the late Chalcolithic Anatoli made from a hammered and pierced sheet. Probably it’s prior to the standards found in the necropolis of “Alaca Höyük.” However, the work has many symbolic similarities with some of the standards of royal category. The work, which has a marked religious character, could be divided into two parts despite the religious relationship between them. The bottom represent a boat on a pedestal that carries the supreme sun, defined by two large wings on top (the only star with wings exclusively represented in antiquity was the sun), and had direct relation with the Great Hattian Goddess “Arinna”. At the top and also with marked religious component is a trinity of idols bird like “Kilia” without the head (initially these idols were represented with no head), one of the birds lacks. Related to this trinity in the upper part there is another trinity of sacred stars probably representing the sun, the moon and Venus (specially in ancient Mesopotamia Venus had the same category as the Sun and the Moon).
It preserves remains of two flanges fastening at the back and its patina also, with a lot of inlays. It has some folds because the sheet was bent.

From an important private collection of New Jersey.