PreDynastic Egyptian Chalice

Sculpture, from Pere Pruna
11 de November de 2018
Egyptian Alabaster Vase
12 de October de 2020


Ref. 760

4,000-3,500 BC

Height: 14 cm
Width: 19 cm

Important Neolithic terracotta vessel from the culture called Nagada I, pigmented red on the outside and unpigmented on the inside. It is very similar, even in size, to the vase probably from the Gebelein site that is preserved in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and is famous for its extraordinary decoration with brushstrokes and crocodiles in relief.
This type of vase could be directly related to its use as liturgical chalices since in most Mediterranean civilizations appear samples of the same type, standing out from the rest of the ceramic pieces for their important and rich decoration.
This piece is preserved completely intact except for some small cracking on the mouth and the outer pigment of the vessel.

From Israelian antique dealer (Subastas Duran – Madrid)
We deliver Certificate of Authenticity (thermo luminescence test – QED LABORATOIRE -)

Price: € 4,500